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mobile, authentic spanish food - find us at events around Cleveland

born in spain . . .

The land of paella, sangria, and El Encierro (the running of the bulls)

While all of these things are 'Spanish', they fall short of describing the country we know Spain to be: regionally diverse, intensely passionate, and rich in history, customs, and cuisine.

From the hills of San Fermin, where Iberian pigs dot the landscape, to the crustacean-rich waters of the Cantabrian Sea in the North to the white-sand beaches of Andalucia: Spain is a country that begs to be tasted and explored. 

made in cle . . .

Croquetas are a Spanish staple and for good reason: a crispy thin shell of fried breadcrumbs encasing a creamy béchamel flavored with everything from braised oxtail to jamón to wild mushrooms. What's not to like?

This iconic tapa lines the menú of nearly every bar, café, and restaurant across Spain. Each region offers their unique variety of croqueta, often reflecting the traditional dishes and products that make that area special.

We are inspired by these authentic, regional dishes and the people who make them - we hope you will be, too.






you can purchase frozen croquetas from our partners below

if we don't have a cool, local partner close to you....

send us a message on our about page

we'll try and make it happen!


rego brother's Lake Road market

20267 lake road | rocky river, oh | 44116 

(440) 331-9326


first we were neighbors, then great friends, and now business partners | couldn't be more excited to have our products in their frozen food section


euclid fish company

7839 Enterprise Drive | mentor, oh | 44060 

(440) 951-6448


We only needed to meet john once before we got excited about this place, the young family, and their products | now you can pick up some croquetas to pair with their seasonal, fresh seafood


the grocery detroit

2600 Detroit avenue | cleveland, oh | 44113

(216) 574-4770

the grocery lorain

3815 lorain avenue | cleveland, oh | 44113

(216) 303-9099

Rachel & justin bring character and fresh, local items to the ohio city neighborhood | now the neighborhood can enjoy tapas at home