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Nuria Cmolik

nuria de la vega de leon

lived her whole life in Madrid, Spain before moving to Cleveland in 2015. After moving to Brooklyn, NY for work, she returned to Cleveland and brought the Croqueteria with her. While Cleveland will never quite be Madrid, Nuria has come to love the people, places, and pride that make this city great. 


mark barilla

is a Fairview Park Westsider turned Eastsider when he and his wife, Claire, bought their first house in University Heights. Since visiting Spain in 2016, Mark has come to love croquetas as much as his Buckeyes, Browns, Cavs, and Indians. Croqueta-love must run in Mark's blood since his two young sons, Owen and Brendan, can't get enough of the ooey-gooey goodness.

Brendan Cmolik

brendan cmolik

is the luckiest of the three, as he somehow was able to convince a Spaniard to come back to Cleveland with him. He has bounced between cities/countries since graduating college, but has always felt the pull to return to his family and friends in Cleveland. Since meeting Nuria he has also come to love all things Spanish - especially the food and drink. 






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shared space: we cook with a bunch of other amazing cooks in the cleveland culinary & launch kitchen (cclk) in downtown cleveland.

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photography by Breanna Kulkin