The land of paella, sangria, and El Encierro (the running of the bulls)

While all of these things are 'Spanish', they fall short of describing the country we know Spain to be: regionally diverse, intensely passionate, and rich in history, customs, and cuisine.

From the hills of San Fermin, where Iberian pigs dot the landscape, to the crustacean-rich waters of the Cantabrian Sea in the North to the white-sand beaches of Andalucia: Spain is a country that begs to be tasted and explored



Are a Spanish staple, and for good reason. 

A crispy thin shell of fried breadcrumbs encasing a creamy béchamel flavored with everything from braised oxtail to jamón to wild mushrooms. What's not to like?

This iconic tapa lines the menú of nearly every bar, café, and restaurant across Spain. Each region (and abuela) offers their own, unique variety of croqueta, often reflecting the traditional dishes and products that make that area special.

At the Croqueteria, we are inspired by these authentic, regional dishes and the idea of using ingredients that make that area special.

Our menu and sourcing strategy reflects this philosophy.


Born in Spain - authentic croquetas inspired by the regional dishes of Spain

Made in Cle - sourcing from the area's finest purveyors of meat, seafood, and produce








is a Fairview Park, Westsider turned Eastsider when he and his wife, Claire, bought their first house in University Heights. Since visiting Spain in 2016, Mark has come to love croquetas as much as his Buckeyes, Browns, Cavs, and Indians. Croqueta-love must run in Mark's blood since his two young sons, Owen and Brendan, can't get enough of the ooey-gooey goodness.

Mark is an Engineering and Logistics professional and serves as the Croqueteria's Logistics and Financial expert. 

Over the past year, Mark has also become the company's sole electrician and generator expert.



lived her whole life in Madrid, Spain before moving to Cleveland with her husband, Brendan, in 2015. After moving to Brooklyn, NY for work, the couple returned to Cleveland to pursue the Croqueteria. While Cleveland will never quite be Madrid, Nuria has come to love the people, places, and pride that make this city great. She hopes that through this venture, more people will be interested in learning more about Spain and all it has to offer

As the Marketing and Sales Manager, Nuria is the smiling face that greets hungry customers. 



is the luckiest of the three, as he somehow was able to convince a Spaniard to come back to Cleveland with him. He has bounced between cities/countries since graduating college, but has always felt the pull to return to his family and friends in Cleveland. Since meeting Nuria, he has also come to love all things Spanish - especially the food and drink - and views the Croqueteria as the best way to share this love.

Brendan is the Cook.